Dataset "Add Filter" Option for Datasets with PDP

swagner Contributor
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Would like to be able to filter to my datasets with PDP, ideally with two options... those with PDP policies on the dataset and those where PDP is enabled on an input.

Today I am using tags to identify them, but it would be nice if I could select with a filter option.

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  • @swagner the Domostats and Domo Governance Datasets dataset has a field for whether or not the dataset has PDP enabled. You should be able to use either of those to create a table to see which of your datasets have PDPs or not. You can also connect them to the dataflow details dataset to determine if a dataflow has an input with PDPs enabled.

  • swagner
    swagner Contributor

    @Ashleigh thanks for the feedback. I will definitely do this as a work around, but still think it would be great if it was an included filter option. Have a great weekend!

  • @swagner I agree! If its in the metadata then it should be pretty easy to add as a filter!