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I share a lot of ETL code both internally and here on the Dojo. It's great that you can multi-select tiles in Magic ETL and select Copy to Clipboard, pass it along and have someone them copy and paste that into their ETL to get the same tiles. There are many times where I'm showing an example for a single tile in magic ETL and would love the ability to copy a single tile to the clipboard instead of having to select multiple tiles then hack the resulting JSON to get the single tile I need for my example.

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  • Agreed! If I ever only need one tile I always have to copy the one before or after it and then delete it when I paste it.

  • I would also like the option to copy a single tile. I have often done what @Ashleigh does, which is copy and paste multiple tiles only to delete the one(s) that I don't want. It is an unnecessary extra step every single time. You have my vote!