Make TAG data available in DOMOSTATS metadatasets

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Domo Product Feature Request:

Users are entering valuable information in the form of TAGS. This data needs to be surfaced back to users in the form of DOMOSTATS metadata. I already opened a support ticket for my instance and I was told this is not available today. Request to have this feature added to the Domo Product roadmap.

Support case that speaks to this idea: 05785873

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  • mhouston
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    @CR-eSobylak as an immediate workaround, if your organization has someone with programming knowledge, you can access the dataset tags via the API. The 3rd party support can help you find the right CURL request.

  • Thanks @mhouston!

    That will work for those folks who know the API.

    This request is more for the lay-person in Domo, the analyst, who may be trying to better understand the tags and their role in the domo ecosystem.

    Appreciate the valuable input!

  • @CR-eSobylak they recently added this dataset to Domostats (like within the past month) however I just went to go take screenshots to show you how to get to it and I noticed its gone..weird. I also had put in a ticket because at first the dataset would not import, they told me they fixed it but maybe their fixed removed it all together?

    Here you can see the dataset I have and its from Domo stats.