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In a report set for "last 7 days", Domo will automatically include the current date if your dataset has rows representing that date. I have many datasets with rows for the future, where the data isn't filled in yet.

In order to get today's date to be suppressed in the report, I have to write a Beast Mode:

case when `Date Of Contact` = CURRENT_DATE() then 'Today' else 'No' end

and then filter my card for 'No'

It would be extremely helpful if "Include Today?" was part of the date settings - even just a checkbox here:

With the beast mode referenced above, my card does this (today is June 4):

Without it, I get a column for June 4, with no data (it will be reported tomorrow):

What I wanted for this report when I set it for last 7 days, would be 7 columns where the first is YESTERDAY, and the last is last Friday (again it's June 4, so 7 days ago not including today is May 28).

If I want to see my data going back to May 28, I actually have to build the for last 8 days, and set my beast mode to exclude today. Which could confuse a user who sees "Last 8 Days" in the header, but sees 7 date columns, not 8.

Can we have a toggle to include/exclude today so we don't have to write date dimension logic in our beast modes and data flows?

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  • MarkSnodgrass

    Agree with this suggestion. Up vote isn't working for me right now.

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  • SeanPT
    SeanPT Contributor

    Absolutely - we have so many cards that say "Last 8 days" so we can really get the last 7 REAL days.

    And this is applicable on the week, month level. I often don't want the current week or month as they are still in progress.

  • GrantSmith


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  • user043548

    Up vote isn't working for me right now - Agreed!

  • MichelleH


    This would be incredibly helpful!

  • RobynLinden
    RobynLinden Contributor

    @Anna Yardley any idea why upvote doesn't work for this post? Glad to see folks are into the idea!

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  • craigbosco

    I need this!! There's no easy way to achieve this currently.. it has to be done with dataflows and conditional logic. :(

  • JasonAltenburg


  • German_Rodriguez

    just a follow-up,

    i could not find the the Up vote section

    if there any solution to get the last 7 REAL days?