Display a Card's Quick Filters on Stories (+ Quick Filter Sorting)

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I would love to enable a card’s Quick Filters to show up along with the card when designing stories. I often design filters at the story level to replicate the quick filters the user would see if they open a card in full screen, which seems like potentially unnecessary extra work - and in the case that they are based on Beast Modes, may not be available at all (I try to avoid this...but it happens).

Quick filters can collapse and be scrolled through -- so if the layout area isn’t large enough to show the full set of criteria, I’d expect them to collapse down and/or display an up/down scroll bar.

One con to Quick Filters is that you can’t currently force a sort order. For example if my quick filter is showing the words January, February, March, they would display A>Z, or February, January, March in a quick filter, but I can fix that in a filter card by using an additional column, maybe a date or sort order. I’d love to have a setting in Quick Filter configuration that says “Sort By:” and lets me pick A>Z, Z>A, or by another column on the dataset (including Beast Modes, please).

So - in my perfect world, please allow a) sorting of quick filters and b) “show quick filters” when setting up card display settings on stories. 

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  • @RobynLinden , just wondering, how would you see this behaving if there were MANY unique values? or if i had two or three quick filters?

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  • RobynLinden
    RobynLinden Contributor

    @jaeW_at_Onyx something like this - a combo of collapsed filters and scrollbars:

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  • Tara
    Tara Member

    I agree, since the page filtering is dependent on the user account, there is no way to set a default page filter for all users. This feature would be great. I find that the users I design dashboards for, never want to go into expanded view to change the filters and they rarely read the instructions to edit and save the page filters. So, this would be a nice feature.

  • @RobynLinden Would you want the quick filters to function like page filters? or interactive filters when viewing through the story? Or should they only impact the one card they are assigned to?

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  • @RobynLinden you can use interaction settings so that a filter card only interacts with one card. Also @Tara the filter views beta allows you to set a default page filter for all users.

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  • RobynLinden
    RobynLinden Contributor

    @ST_-Superman-_ I think all and any of the above. I'd want to use the card wrench settings to determine if its attached quick filters are for that card only, or if they should work for any other cards on the page. I just don't want to have to BUILD a filter card(s) every time I need to replicate a Quick Filter.

    We're starting to use the new Filter Views much more, they're a great improvement, but I still want some filter component adjacent to relevant cards, because I think it helps guide the User to consider the impact of interacting with the data.

    And @Ashleigh yep exactly!

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