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Please create a dark mode setting where menus and page title bars are dark as this is preferred by many of our users. Preferably, the company can set a default setting, then individuals can change it based on their preferences (for example, our company would opt for default of dark mode but individuals who prefer a light mode could set that on their individual accounts)

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  • Ditto, I have several users who have difficulty distinguishing the default color scheme.

  • BCorless
    BCorless Contributor

    This would be great for all of Domo in general, but also the Buzz desktop application.

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  • Do it!

  • SYD
    SYD Member

    If Domo could have a dark mode, that would be great!

  • Me too. Come on Domo - everyone else has done this.

    For all users still wishing to force dark mode, there are various browser add ons which create dark mode.. consider installing one of them whilst Domo build a more robust, usable solution.