Add Formula Rule to Join Tile in ETL

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It has been extremely useful in Magic ETL 2.0 to have the Add Formula Rule available in certain tiles such as the Filter tile or Group By tile. I would like to see it be available in the Join tile as well. This would make it operate more like a SQL join. For example, if I need to use a BETWEEN statement for my join key, I can't do this immediately in the Join tile, but have to add several additional steps before and after in order to get to the final result.

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Good news - this is in beta now! Look for more detail at Domopalooza.


  • Ritwik
    Ritwik Contributor

    Great idea, very much needed. I have some dataflows I have yet to move to Magic 2.0 simply because of this. Will get to it soon enough...

  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    oh my goodness yes please.

    the lack of JOIN on a BETWEEN forces users to do nasty cartesian product joins OR forces them to use other ETL tools.

    Jae Wilson
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  • AndreaLovesData
    AndreaLovesData Domo Employee

    Good news - this is in beta now! Look for more detail at Domopalooza.

    Domo Product Manager for Data Transformation (MagicETL)