Last Value Projection when Using Right and Left Value Scales


I have a chart that summarizes sales performance by month using a grouped vertical bar chart.  The vertical bars represent units sold, sales dollars, and sales dollar margin.  The margin is represented in dollars.  My problem is this:


If I only use the left scale, the regression projection for the current period (last value) is represented on all 3 bars for the current month.  But, if I add a right scale so that the left scale measures units and the right scale measures dollars, only the unit bar value is projected for the month, while the sales dollars and sales dollar margin values are not projected and only show their actual values (summations) through the latest day in the month that actual data has been collected.  


Has anyone run into this issue and, am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug?


Thank you in advance for any insights.



  • this is not the question you asked, but i strongly recommend you calculate your own projections in Domo using ETL.


    WHY.  if you rely on a projection based on actuals data visualized in chart,  you literally have no way of validating whether your forecast method is good or bad.


    Consider this example, i ask you to give me all your money and i make predictions on the stock market, but i don't give you any way of validating if i'm good or bad at my job.  you wouldn't do it right?


    similarly, b/c domo doesn't provide a systematic way of looking backward and answering "last week I predicted 'x' and the outcome was 'y' therefore the error in my forecast was 'z' , you can't tell if your method is a good predictor or not.


    by building forecasting into your dataset, you can always go back in time and say, "on jan 23 i predicted 22, the actual was 23" and then look across time to see how good you are at projection.



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