Failed Dataflow Status

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When my dataflow fails, I go to that dataflow. I then click the red FAILED icon. There I see a list of each function in my dataflow. Next to each action I see that same red FAILED icon. It appears that each and every function was not configured properly and did not executre. If I hover over each of them it says "No Additional Details" until I however over the one that is the problem. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 7.53.57 AM.png


From a user perspective, it makes troubleshooting difficult. I have to run down the list until I find the problem. Here are two possible fixes to make this easier

1) Use the SUCCESSFUL/FAILED icon set at the function level, rather than the dataflow level when looking at details. That way, I can just scan and quickly see which function has a problem.

2) Add a text collumn that shows me the reason for failure at the function level. That way, I don't have to hover over each to see what failed and why.




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