Copying a dashboard. Seems way too hard?




I have a simple task, which is to copy a dashboard. I want:


The destination page to retain COPIES of the cards, not duplicates (i.e. an edit to a card will be mirrored on both pages).

The destination page to retain the dashboard layout of the source page


The reason for this is that I am creating multiple views of the same data using page filters to differentiate between them.


I have tried using the "Save As" feature on the web client. This retains the layout, but creates a DUPLICATE of all cards, not copies.


I have tried using the API to create a new Page with all the card Ids of the source page. This creates the copies, but loses the layout of the dashboard.


How can I copy a page and create copies of the cards, whilst retaining the layout?


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    I just went to a dashboard, hit the wrench, clicked "save as" and checked "take to the new page" (or something like that. I owned all the cards and they were not linked to the originals. I then deleted the page (from admin) and the original is still there just fine. It seems to work in our instance as described.

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