How can i format the schedule report body


Hi Team, I want to customize the scheduled report email template. Currently i see all reports are coming one by one - Top to bottom. I want to customize to show 2-3 charts in one rows something like that. How can i do that. 


i want to send email to user something like this.How can i acheive.




  • If you have access to the Dashboard Beta then you can create your dashboard to mimic the screenshot you attached (although I'm not sure how you would get the star metrics accross the top unless you were using HTML from a table card to bring in images).  Once you have the dashboard created.  You can schedule that as a report and the format of the report will look just like the dashboard.


    If you don't have the beta... you will need to request access to the beta, or wait for the public release of dashboards.

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  • user02291

    Thanks for the response. 


    My issue displaying chart in the emails. Currently all charts displaying one by one. Can we have an option to display more than 1 charts in a row in the email sending to users. 



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