Comparing 2 Points on a Line Chart


Is there a way to easily compare the data behind 2 points of a line chart?

When clicking on any point of a line chart I get the tabular data for that point. To see the differences in data of 2 points on the same line I have to click on each one independently and export the tables to then compare the data using the created files. Is there a faster or more elegant way?



  • rahul93
    rahul93 Contributor


    You may want to find a field that groups them together i.e a field which has the same records/value for both the points. Put that field on the x axis and then if you click on the point it will show data for both points. 


    Another way to do this would be when you click on one of the points and you go to the drill down tabular view, you can remove the filter (appears in blue above the chart/data table). Please note that this will show you data for all the points. If you want specific points simply click on the filter and choose your points. 

    Let me know if you did not understand anything,

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