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I'm very new to Domo, and am not finding any information on a calculation I want to do.  I want to show a percent of one item to another on a stacked bar graph.  When I use the data label settings(%_percent_of_total), it totals both amounts and gives me the percent based on a total of the two amounts when I just want one item as a percent of the other.  i.e. commissions as a percent of sales.  How do I do that?


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  • You can write a beast mode that will add a new value column to your data set. 


    For example, if you want to show % of sales you could use something like this




    This will give you new series that you can add to your cards. The only limiting factor is that you will need both the numerator and denomenator to already exist in your dataset.

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    @SEC, tagging you to check out Kung-fu_Panda's reply. 

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