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There are some x/y axis cards that allow for rotation of the X Axis labels (line graphs), but some do not.  Specifically I have a Pareto Graph that has 20+ items on the X Axis and I can't find any combination of settings that will allow me to get any better than labels on every other bar.  Adding data labels into this particular card makes it too messy. 


Am I missing something?


Does anyone else run into this on other card types?


It would be nice if all x/y axis cards had the ability to chose 45 or 90 degree rotation on the x axis labeling. 


  • kshah008
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    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @MattE out?


  • yingzi
    yingzi Domo Employee

    Hi MattE,


    I'm not completly sure I understand your question, but I think you can get the rotation you looking for by selecting "Data Label Settings" and picking the setting "Always -Rotated".  Try that and see if it works.

  • kshah008
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    @MattE, taggign you in case you haven't seen yingzi's reply.

  • Data label settings will rotate only data label and not for Axis. Here we need to rotate the x axis labels to vertical. Any help?

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