Anyone importing any Moat data?


Just wondering how anyone has decided to import their Moat data since there isn't a connector at the moment. Any insight would be awesome - thank you! 


  • Please contact Domo Support directly, and inquire about the MOAT connector.

    I am no longer with Domo, please reach out to another Domo lead for assistance. Thank you!
  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @evasquez, tagging you in case you haven't seen Archimedes' reply. 

  • kamuela
    kamuela Domo Employee

    @evasquez As stated, work with Support to get access to our MOAT connector.  We would also love your feedback on the connector.  It is ready to use as a beta and we are looking for feedback on how it works.






    I am no longer with Domo. Please @mention @Millhouse for connector specific questions.