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  • @colemenwilson thats exactly what my dataset looks like!! Once I have the the flagged version, I'll use distinct SO # and will have my answer :) Do you know how to make that calculation?
  • @colemenwilson sorry if I caused some misunderstanding. Correct me if I'm wrong but but creating that case statement I'm looking at SO# that are like 100. I want to look at every single quote as a separate case, then look at 'Equipment #' (that's another column) and if for any 'SO #' there is an entry stating that…
  • up, anyone got an idea?
  • Awesome @RobSomers , it works perfectly, thank you!
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  • @RobSomers Can you walk me through the process? I created a new column name, then applied sum as a function based on the COST column, then not sure what to put as a frame range to be used?? Later I assume column to order on functions on is my order number, ascending/descending and should i do anything with 'what columns…
  • Awesome, it worked, thank you!
  • Up, anybody got any ideas?
  • Will give it a try! I'm using a 'single value' card, if you feel like there is a better way to present a single value, please let me know
  • @MarkSnodgrass thanks for that tip. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. When creating the beast mode I get the error 'Calculation Error : A column in this calculation did not exist.' Any ideas?
  • @DavidChurchman from my original domo set I want to drop the sales person name when the ZIP code from the excel I uploaded manually doesn't match the name of a person assigned to a correct ZIP, does that make sense?
  • Thanks @DashboardDude , that's awesome!
  • @Byboth can you explain? What formula would you use? I was thinking to sum those values up based on the docnum but formula editor does not support group by function
  • @GrantSmith , thank you so much! It works!! Appreciate your help.
  • @GrantSmith, unfortunately, I don't have first order for customer, I need to calculate that as well, I have customer name and date for each time they put an order
  • Up, anyone got any ideas? Would appreciate any input 🙏
  • Good Morning, I got the syntax to work, see below: (CASE WHEN YEAR(`DocDate`) = YEAR(CURRENT_DATE())THEN CONCAT('New Customer ',YEAR(`DocDate`)) WHEN YEAR(`DocDate` ) = YEAR(CURRENT_DATE()) -1 THEN CONCAT('New Customer ',YEAR(`DocDate` )) ELSE 'OLD Customer' END ) But it doesn't seem to resolving the issue. This way I just…
  • Hi @Aditya_Jain , thanks for help mate! Appreciate your help, Unfortunately it doesn't work, should I create those edits in ETL or can I just create a beast mode within the analyzer? I changed the name to my columns but I got an error saying: Calculation Error : This calculation is using a nonexistent function. Do you have…