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  • Is there any way to bulk delete all policies for a dataset instead of using domo.datasets.delete_pdp(dataset_id, policy_id)?
  • Hi I've figured out the issue when I print all policies in that dataset. The command domo.datasets.delete_pdp(dataset_id, policy_id) didn't run because the policy_id I put in is the one that has null filter value (in DOMO PDP web interface, it shows as "All Rows") I tried other policy_id which is specific for a user so the…
  • Hey thanks for your suggestion. I tried it with a dataset with 3-4 policies, then it worked. In my case the dataset probably has million PDP policies so the new job run nearly 17 hours but it hasn't removed anything. I think I need to do API call to delete the policy.
  • Hi RobSomers, thank you for sharing. I downloaded the pre-built DomoStats People App but it has simulated data. Do you know which dataset should be connected to show my users data in these pre-built cards? And which user role have access to this kind of dataset? Thank you.
  • Hi @rockchalk629 and @GrantSmith , Are you able to use RANK(), DENSE_RANK() function in Domo card design, not Magic ETL? Since I wasn't able to do so. It said "Calculation Error : This calculation is using a nonexistent function." Is it a beta version feature or only available based on subscription? Appreciate your help.…
  • Hi @user02790 , Could you give an example of materialized datasets? We're loading data from Snowflake, AWS. Thankyou. Yen
  • @user02790 Hello Kyle, Have you found the solution for performance issues? We're facing same problem. Our dataset (~ 1Billion rows ) usually causes time-out issue in Domo dashboard. Appreciate if you can share your thought on tackling this challenge. Thanks, Yen
  • Hi all, I have issue with using aggregation formula in Single Card Value. When I create a Beast Mode metric with rule "SUM(`OVERALL_SCORE`+0) over (partition by `VISIT_ID`)" => Drag into Single Value card => It displays 770 When I create a Beast Mode metric with rule "COUNT(DISTINCT `VISIT_ID`)" => Drag into Single Value…
  • @Ashleigh Hi, I have the same issue with using explode() function. Select 'Domo 2.0' as the environment will fix it. Hope this helps.