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  • Thanks @MarkSnodgrass for checking this out. It's the only card we've used that works like that, so I will open a case.
  • @user19019 - Our case for this same issue is still technically Open, but the date presets are now working as we'd expect in our embedded dashboards. We were notified by our AE of the update at the end of March. Not sure if you've seen this fixed for your issue but wanted to point this out.
  • Thank you @jaeW_at_Onyx . That is what I did to solve this situation yesterday: * Create a new column of a simple text field prefix (TF-) * Concatenated to the column(s) I needed to force as text fields, dropping the prefix and old column along the way * And then when the new field was passed to R - as a text datatype -…
  • @GrantSmith It is a Text field in Domo
  • We just encountered this same situation and error 2 days ago. The Qualtrics connector was pulling data for several datasets and then authentication failed. Like you, my access using R and the qualtRics package still work, and Domo support indicated it was an issue on Qualtrics side. Did you ever find a solution for…
  • This is not a field that I've created directly, so wanted to see if the problem was with the QuickStart itself, before I started trying to debug/fix it for our use. Thank you for the suggestion. Kelly