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  • What is the error message or unexpected behavior you are seeing?
  • What is the error message or unexpected behavior you are seeing?
  • Hey Rob, Thanks for the reponse! It does not appear to be card or user specific. Any timeline on resolution? I am trying to make a determination on custom building some scheduled reporting outside of Domo versus waiting for this to be resolved, so any timing estimations you may have would be helpful. Thanks much!
  • You could build your own using Domo. There are datasets called 'Domostats' (I think you have to call support and have them enable them in your instance, I can't remember offhand) which show metadata about your instance. There is one called 'Domo Dataflow' which has metadata about your dataflows, one attribute of which is…
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  • Also worth noting that if you don't want to use that feature in your instance, I believe you can contact support and have it disabled for your instance.
  • Similiar to the suggestion above, you could also using a naming convention and alias the fields in the dataflow (alias the fields as 'Excel File - Attribute 1', 'Database - Attribute 2', etc.) so that way if you find yourself creating many cards from the same dataset you don't have to worry about changing the label on the…
  • We also have use cases where this would be a really great feature. I understand that you could do it via an app or hack it using a disconnected webform, but the ability to do it in-line would be really powerful.
  • We haven't totally solved it, but have a few workarounds on the table that we are working through right now. I am OK with marking the thread as solved- thanks all for their input!
  • @jmo- We will be at Domopalooza and would love to chat about it for a few minutes if you have the time! - Jack
  • Thanks for sharing, @Godiepi!
  • @Godiepi - Thanks! It certainly makes sense, my only concern with that approach (and apologies if I am not understanding, still getiing myself up to speed on Domo) is that wouldn't I then have to create an idividual publication group for each new employee? That wouldn't normally be a huge deal, but given the number of new…
  • Thanks for the response, @Godiepi! Yes, every employee will have an active Domo License.