• I would contact support. Perhaps there is a switch that is keeping your DOMO API functionality from working. I am assuming you correctly generated the client_id, client_secret, and dataset guid.
  • import logging from pydomo import Domo # Build an SDK configuration client_id = '<client_id>' client_secret = '<client_secret>' api_host = '' logger_name = 'foo' log_level = logging.INFO # Create an instance of the SDK Client domo = Domo(client_id, client_secret, api_host=api_host, logger_name=logger_name,…
  • Just so people are aware. There looks to be a small syntax error here. The solution reads: STR_TO_DATE( CONCAT( YEAR(`Date`) , '-' ,DAY(`Date`) , '-' ,MONTH(`Date`) ) ,'%Y-%m-%d' ) It should read: STR_TO_DATE( CONCAT( YEAR(`Date`) , '-' ,DAY(`Date`) , '-' ,MONTH(`Date`) ) ,'%Y-%d-%m' )
  • The SUM has to encompass the formula. Should look like this: SUM(CASE when 'field' < 0 then 'field' else 'field' * 2 end)
  • Yes. It's called pydomo. You can find it here:
  • If you click on the symbol that is above sigma (it looks like a spreadsheet) and switch from column view to pivot view mode, you get both row and column summaries (when you click on sigma after).
  • You seem to have a summary row in the Total row. If you want a total column, You can click on the Sigma symbol. Not sure by looking at your screenshot what you are asking.
  • Still not working right. I am getting this error: Executed as user: MNGDIRECT\anthony.garcia. C:\Windows\system32>cmd /C "C:\Program Files\Domo\Workbench\wb.exe" run-job --server --jobid 48Unable to connect to service. Make sure the service is running. C:\Windows\system32>cmd /C "C:\Program…
  • <Deleted the original text on this reply> See next message - still can't get my .bat file with workbench calls to trigger properly from the CmdExec facility in the SQL Server Management Studio job agent. Hope the community can help me troubleshoot.
  • For anyone who finds this article searching for drilling to a different data set, I believe I have an explanation as of 09/19/2017. I reread the instructions on how to do drill throughs and tried again. I think here is the reason folks say what they said in the article: * When you click on an item to go to a default drill…