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  • Hello @GrantSmith , thank you for the information. Am I able to skip to the section below: Or will I need to complete the above steps in order to complete the steps in the screenshot? I do not have access to MagicETL and MySQL to do these steps.
  • Hey Grant, Thank you for the idea. I tried this out but when I added the beast mode to the filter, there is only an option for 'Exclude.' I think it is getting confused where in the 'Include' section. Attached is a screenshot of what the data looks like. I only have the Order Number in the column.
  • Hey Grant! These are some columns: OrderNumber, Vendor, Service all separate columns. There can be multiple order numbers with different types of services that could be assigned to more than 1 vendor.
  • Thanks Mark!
  • Hey Grant, That's really helpful, thank you! Is there a way to do this if the value is null? For example... count(case when 'isRegistered' = NULL then 'OrderNo' END) And vice versa is there a way to count OrderNo if 'isRegistered' has ANY populated value, for example: count(case when 'isRegistered' not NULL then "OrderNo'…