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  • I wasn't able to get this to work and became crunch time so I instead added the transforms into Magic ETL instead. The columns were pulling from my field label names so maybe that is the issue as names vs. numbers, but this was working at some point so still interested if anyone has the answer. Attached a screenshot. Thx…
  • Thanks so much, the field names are actually labled and so when I double-click it pulls the column names in for me automatically, see screenshot. Basically just trying to show of the Number of Openings, how many have been filled. Thanks so much, Stacy //SJ
  • No, but we can add as an idea to be able to customize the drill to detail for example if I only want to hide 1 column and/or several. The data sets I am working with are too large, too many columns to add a drill path view. To solve or as a workaround I created a new data flow without the confidential column. Thanks, Stacy
  • Just opened the source and that is what it was two "city" fields ? Thx so much!
  • Thanks for your reply, it is an existing data CSV data set in Workbench. I did add some columns so could be that it was not an exact replica of the first upload.