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  • So the exact issue is that, for today for example, the current year shows data from 4/1/2024 to 4/24/24 and it compares it to 4/1/2023 to 4/25/2023, so it's adding an extra day to the range for the comparative prior period. I would think that in most cases, that users would want to compare the same date ranges year over…
  • @user084060 Could you let me know where this is posted. I'd like to up vote it as I'm using quadrants in a bubble card and have to manually update this as I notice the quadrants aren't correct anymore as data updates.
  • @MichelleH Hi Michelle, I'm using a variance bar line chart type and I am visualizing the last three years of sales volume so my data shows ytd, 1 year ago and 2 years ago for volume, the variance 1 year ago and variance 2 years ago. I am not seeing where I can not show variance 2 years ago. I tried to unselect it in the…
  • Will the survey link be sent out by email? I didn't see it in the comments section for the meeting.
  • This has been escalated by support. Thank you.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, and would have tried it if we had a small salesforce, but we have a large number of salespersons making this challenging to do.
  • Hi, I have a request from a user to know who is online, so mine is outside of the admin side. How do you know in buzz when someone is online? What's the indicator? If it's a bright dot, will that show if you haven't buzzed the person before?
  • My insights are showing as the default view in place of the card filters and since my users are not used to seeing them, they may not notice that the filter is another tab. I'd like to be able to switch back to defaulting to the filter with the filter open and not the insights showing. Is there a way to do that? 
  • Hi, I was having that problem but after moving people who didn't need admin access to another level, it stopped. What I do have a continuing problem with is the filters being turned off randomly. I have to keep directing users to go to the wrench and turn the page filters back on. Even after they have been turned back on,…
  • Any answer on this, I too would like to add something I created in google maps to Domo.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I'm also going to submit this to Domo help to see if it can be fixed for the POP card.
  • Thanks for the quick answer. That worked!