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  • Thanks @jaeW_at_Onyx . Yeah I stumbled across those function options in the top right corner of the views UI last night. Specifically I was wanting to include 4 observations either side of the current row into the stdev calculation. Unfortunately I think in order to achieve that I need to jump through so many hoops it…
  • And if you want it more randomized within each row you would be better seeding it with the current_time() function for the first call, the current_time() + interval 1 day for the second call, and so on.
  • It's probably also worth noting you can make the numbers appear more random by seeding it with the result of the current_time() function. This means when you refresh the page at least you will get different results each time...
  • +1 Still waiting on this! Without it there's no 'good' way to filter my dashboard to show the past 2 weeks by default. The only option I really have is to add a page level filter on a beastmode which is a pretty awful solution when I also have a date-preset filter at the top of the dash.
  • The only solution I could figure out was to adjust the SQL so that my `id` field had a hardcoded value of zero, ie... select 0 as id from mytable... That way the internally remembered value became zero. I then reverted the SQL to the original settings.