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  • can you be a little more specific, how the "partition by" works.
  • Thanks Mark and Grand for your support, I was able to get the Data Range on my chart, it appears I didn't have all the columns selected at the end of the ETL.
  • Thanks Mark, for the suggestion, so the formula works, but when I try to visualize the data by creating a card I don't see the date range at the top of my chart, see below chart. I want to be able to have the "date range" option. I haven't been able to find a way to add this option to my card.
  • still not working, getting the same error
  • Still missing something, when I validate the formula shows that it is valid, but I get the error message. I can not use your second suggestion as 'RRDAT' was rename.
  • I added more columns to my QTY received, like supplier name and company, and drop the supplier code. I will be sorting by supplier name instead of supplier code. It seams to be working fine, I will try it again tomorrow. Thanks for your help,
  • Exists in both. The QTY received has ALL the suppliers (several bussines units), I want to extract the suppliers for my bussines unit only ( about 15 suppupliers). the QTY rejected is for my business unit only. I am going to try to filter by supplier first then join my datasets.
  • The main dataset for QTY received has 32 clolumns and I am extracting 3 columns: Month, supplier code and Qty received
  • Are you suggesting this It works, see below, however my supplier A58 is not there, I wondering if I need to do some special grouping for my suppliers, most of my suppliers start with a letter and I don't see any of them, only see supplier codes that are numeric only
  • Thank you both for your help, I did the join by month and supplier and the data looks good, however, the new datasets only shows two suppliers and I have a lot more that that. When I filter by supplier trying to find the same supplier A58, it says not in preview or not rows matching the criteria.
  • Hi, I am using Magic ETL, and using the outer left, since I only need one column from the QTY received. I did noticed one data set has move rows than the other, but I was thinking those will be blank and the data will aligned based on the month.
  • I haven't try it, sorry, I have been busy with supplier issues, hope to get back in the grove soon. I am not a programmer so I have to go and try to write the program for what you suggested, I will get to it. I will post back soon. Thank you for checking.
  • Hi again, attached are the datasets I am trying to combine. Dataset A, 4 columns and dataset B 3 columns, RVCOD and Supplier code is common between the two datasets. I can do the filtering and come up with the two cards that I showed above, but I am stuck trying to combine the two. You suggested magic ETL, how will you…
  • Good Morning amehdad, thank you for your reply, let me respond to your questions. No, I didn't get any error message when I was combining the data. I saw the new columns, but couldn't see the "qty received". I took me a while to realize that one dataset A, has daily data, and dataset B has the data in months. I am…