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  • Ty all for the speedy feedback. I will attempt this and see which one works for me better.
  • Sorry about the confusion, learning this on the go for work. I was mainly trying to be able to make a group via that first-word split but be able to customize the group names and limit what's displayed. So example I want 5 groups that I can pick the name for and 1 other group. This way I can continuously update it if we…
  • That worked really well but it just looks all over the place. My next question is, is there a way to make custom groups once it's pulled from the split? So I can continuously make new groups myself. If I need to remake and create a new post for this please let me know and I will.
  • This is for a card and it will be a stacked bar graph. So we have groups we work with and the ticketing service does not have an option to input that. So we use the Title which we've developed a naming convention for so we can separate them out into 4 bits of info. This is a random Google image since it won't let me upload…
  • So I'm running into a bit of a snag and it may be due to my wrong wording, let me try again. Say if I wanted to just do the Beast Mode element and pull just what's in the title for example: All this info is in the Title separated by a | if I wanted to pull the System name from the title and then group it along with others…
  • Thanks for the speedy feedback! I will give this a shot.
  • Also if the app I'm pulling aren't the specific ones how do I get those labeled as Other?
  • @GrantSmith thanks for that! It worked.