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  • Domo Alerts are continually evolving and may soon see other major enhancements. There are currently enhancement requests to have the values that triggered the alert be displayed in the message again. We hope to see this request included in a future release though no additional information is available on this at this time.
  • While it is not currently possible to send emails to external users from within Domo, most email apps will allow you to set up automated forwarding of email types. This should allow alerts to be forwarded to a pre-defined group.
  • Domo does have a Splunk connector available. Contact Domo Support to request that this connector be made available on a Domo site.
  • The solution is to use a dataflow to join your dataset with calendar data that includes the missing dates, weeks, months or years. Then the missing date will be represented in the dataset even if there is no associated data such as sales numbers. This will allow missing date information to be represented in Domo cards.…
  • Domo cards, in most forms, requires an internet connection. This is especially true if you are expecting data updates. However, it is possible to export Domo cards as a static graphic via a .pdf file or as a PowerPoint slide. (From PowerPoint, you can access other export options.)
  • Your approval process for Domo cards is ideal and I would suggest the same process for Dataflows to be consistent. While a detailed documentation method is not included within Domo, using the Comment field should allow the necessary notations. We would like to hear from other Domo users how they are handling this type of…