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  • @Ashleigh Just a quick follow up on this. I Just got back from the team today and they finally sorted my acount out and I can see my activities as well as the renewal button. Its taking me to the Japanese version though when I click on renew so I will reach out to them again. Many thanks Abi
    in Domo Re-cert Comment by AbiO March 12
  • Thanks Ashleigh, you are right. I cant seem to see my current certification on my account. Let me reach out to support and see if they can update my account to reflect my Major Domo certification, that might help. I will keep you updated. Thank you.
    in Domo Re-cert Comment by AbiO February 15
  • @Ashleigh thanks for your response, maybe there is something wrong with my browser Below is all I can see
    in Domo Re-cert Comment by AbiO February 15
  • Hi there, just wanted to find out what the re-certification process involves as well as the costing. Do you have to pay the full fees to re-certify? It doesnt state anywhere on the Learn Domo/DOmo university site> Mine expires in June.
    in Domo Re-cert Comment by AbiO February 15
  • Hi Piggy Backing off this, I am having issues connecting. MySQL connector/ODBC Datasource configuration pulls through successful. I have also configured this all in workbench, however each time I try to execute it says 'Could not connect to the workbench service to execute dataset job' Can you please help with this? Many…
  • Thank you. I created a new account and moved all the data sets to the new account. Many thanks for your help