Add a Header Option in the JSON Writeback Connector


I have a situation where a client wants us to post data from a dataset to their webhook but it needs custom headers so I can supply an API key. The JSON writeback connector doesn't have any custom header configuration options as part of the connector setup.

I also explored using the JSON No Code connector to post data, but that connector doesn't allow you to specify a dataset for the source dataset (at least from what I can tell). It would be useful to have added as a feature as well.

I think this would be a very easy win that helps folks from having to write code for simple webhook POST requests.

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  • PMLeema
    PMLeema Domo Product Manager

    @DomoDork - interesting idea. Do you have a link to the documentation for the API you are connecting to, so I have something to use as a reference use case?

  • DomoDork
    DomoDork Contributor

    Hi @PMLeema - it's a private client system. But all they want is for us to send data to them via a webhook that requires the header "Authorization: <apikey>". But the JSON Writeback connector doesn't allow you to supply any custom headers so we get a permissions failure when we try to send them data.