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In trying to research which accounts an access tokens affects, I found that there was no way to do this. In the case of a termed team member we have no idea what might break when we delete their user if they own an access token. My suggestion is to add reporting around Access Tokens, specifically in DomoStats | Accounts. If the Access Token powering each account could be added to the data in that report we could easier find the Accounts that need attention when editing users.

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  • DanBrinton
    DanBrinton Domo Product Manager

    Hi, @SherryR. Good feedback, here. Thanks for sharing!

    Access tokens are interesting because they can be used several ways, including in connector accounts, as you noted. I agree it would be helpful to have better insight into how tokens are used. I'll discuss this with my team.

    Thanks again for sharing the feedback!

  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @DanBrinton building on this theme.


    Domo should add a field "domo instance" to the "Access Token" Account type.


    An Access Token Account object does not store the instance that the account applies to. That's a bit of a mess b/c access tokens are not useful w/o the instance to point it at. same for a username and password combo.


    Adding the field as an optional parameter would not affect any current implementations.


    currently you can only use Access Token accounts if you hardcode the instance into the name of the account (imagine if you had 50 instances). given that Domo makes renaming accounts somewhat obtuse (in fact the display name and the account name are two separate fields which may or may not match in the DomoJupyter config) it's imperative that we not rely on naming the the account appropriately for knowing which instance an account object is related to.

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