Ability to export entire dashboard in App Studio

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One of our use cases for App Studio is developing beautified dashboards for our clients. Our clients like to filter and then export dashboards, however App Studio does not currently allow this.

(I realize it's in Beta :) )

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We are starting to develop a report builder allowing users to create an emailed report or PDF report sent to other users. It will be integrated within App Studio and provide customization on headers and footers in the email and content that appears in the email.


  • ColemenWilson

    100% agree. We would love to do all dashboard development in app studio, but exporting and scheduled reports are not possible which is a hard stop for us. Navigation is not great with apps. We can't set an app as a default landing page for a user. Domostats need to be improved. I get that it is in beta, hope this beta feedback is helpful.

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  • I came to this community forum to ask the same thing - the only requirement preventing us from using the App Studio (which has been awesome using so far!) is the inability to export OR schedule exports like you can in regular dashboards. Hopefully this can be added.

  • T8or
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    It makes sense to me why an app has no scheduled report option. Many of my apps only start working once you have adjusted four filters, tweaked some variables, and navigated to the right page of the app in the right tab on that page. So, a scheduled report of my app would be a list of unselected controls and pages with so much content you can't read it, or it returns 'too much data.'

    However, exporting a view of a single page once filtered would be sweet! I set all my variables and filters on page one, then navigate to pages 2 and 3 and export them as a PDF. It would be super handy.

    At a minimum, there needs to be an easy way to link someone to an app. Like a public embed that shows the app and even saves the controls I have set. Go the Google Workspace route, and I could invite them to my instance or just as a view-only experience on this app. You could even set a timeout for the link. That would be helpful.

    I can't wait to export my apps to the iOS app store. It will make it very easy for my users to open an app on their phone when they want to see the numbers. It would be sick if I could incorporate Alerts into the native iOS app as well, so no more emails when data has been updated! Just push notifications.

  • jaeW_at_Onyx


    sorry guys, strongly disagree with this ask.

    "i strongly disagree with the desire to export App Studio as a dashboard.so much of the functionality of App Studio revolves around an app-like experience.you wouldn't ask your banking app to to export your app...you would ask your banking app to have an export button that exports a pdf of whatever report you need exported.to that end, App Studio (although it does makig building 'pixel perfect' dashboards easier) should no be used as a report generation tool.instead, use Dashboards (previously called Layouts) for laying out reports.use App Studio for developing Apps.

    my 10 cents
    think about forms... why would you export a form?  how should App Studio handle form export?
    or multi tab containers?  how should that be exported?
    ... as multiple cards in sections on a dashboard...oh that's dashboards!"

    i will say Domo's product team could be much clearer about the application of this tool and where it fits within their ecosystem of visualization tools.

    @MaxIsley1 , if we work from the assumption that you want to use App Studio b/c there are some layout features that don't exist in Dashboards… what would those features be? maybe Domo should have some feature parity across their tooling (snapping and padding for example), but asking to use a phillips head screwdriver for a flathead screw … meh.

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