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When building dashboards, we can write text boxes and things that help explain what charts are telling us... but that's often only needed the first few times a dashboard is read, after that it becomes cluttered.

It might be useful if we had an information icon that would bring up a pop up box explaining the chart.

For example in this poorly explained chart, G_Grey said that in March we made $100,000 off of sassy hats and domo themed clothing.

Big brained business leaders threaten to light my beard on fire when they see this chart only shows the number 10,000 for March, not 100,000. All of this beard fire could be easily avoided if I simply had a button on a card that would pop up some sort of window that would describe what the chart is showing them.

Save the beard, empower the people, build a happy little info button.

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  • @G_Grey You can do this using the card description! If you don't want the description visible all the time, just uncheck the box that says "Show description on Card Details" (this checkbox is only visible when editing from within Analyzer). When the box is unchecked, you can only see descriptions when you hover on the card title from an dashboard view, or click on the card title when viewing the card details page.

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    Hi, thanks for your response, agree that card descriptions can be useful and have their place. Card descriptions serve a very similar function to a text box, but with more formatting issues. The key function I'm trying to zero in on is the ability to show/hide explinations of underlying data on a card. This doesn't quite meet that objective.

    See with a really long winded card every user would need to see the description every time.

    It also handles formatting totally different between the dashboard view of the card and the title when clicked.

    Appreciate you contributing to the conversation and sharing ideas.

  • @G_Grey To clarify, unchecking the box I highlighted in my screenshot hides the description so it does not take up so much space on the page. The functionality you are describing already exists.

    When viewing the card from the Card Details page, users can still access the description (with line breaks) by clicking the Card Info icon next to the card name.

    Likewise, hovering over the card name from the dashboard view shows the same thing.

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    Hey! Today I learned, thanks for sharing! Thanks @MichelleH