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It would be really great if page filters could be "shared" across (sub) pages.



Subpage 1 has filter for Date and Country

Subpage 2 has filter for Date and Category

Users apply Date filter in Subpage 1 (September 5th), then move to Subpage 2 and data is already filtered for the specific date because of the “shared” Date filter


This would allow users to switch to a dashboard from another with a more continuous kind of eploration experience.


As for other features, the feature could be disabled by default in order to preserve the original behaviour. 



  • mmanuzzi
    mmanuzzi Contributor

    Hi Pantoviz!


    This would have more sense in a Storytelling dashboard type of page/subpages.


    So the question is do you suggest to have it overall available or just in the "Storytelling" dashboard page versione? 


    By the way, good suggestion!!!



  • PantoViz

    Hi Marialisa,


    I would say that the feature could be worth for any type of version.


    Depending on your needs, once you can "share" filters across (sub) pages you could allow a "more explorative" experience to the final users.


    Thanks for voting 

  • mfascioli

    Many of my clients ask for this feature, that is available by default on other data viz tools.

    Please vote!!


  • JacobFolsom
    JacobFolsom Domo Employee

    @PantoViz  I would love this as well.


    Domo Product Team - Adding my ideas here to configure filters with 'scope' settings:

    • Apply to card, apply to entire page, apply to page + subpages.


    Also, would love to see filter configuration settings for 'priority'

    • (1) ignore card filters or (2) observe card filters.

    This would allow for more flexibility in designing user experiences.

    Jacob Folsom
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  • AndreF

    I would go further and allow the saving of these filters as a "bookmark" so that they can be reapplied later, thus enabling telling a more compelling story to the people viewing the information.  

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