How to compile Client Survey More Effectively?


Hey people,


In Domo, we are building ETL process to append Client Satisfaction surveys and do the neccessary steps. When a new survey was created, I just add this survey as a data point in ETL process.


Is there any way to keep hands off this and automate this process ?




  • ST_-Superman-_

    How do you receive the surveys?  Is it from an email?  What is the format?

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  • lucywo

    We received client satisfaction surveys on SurveyMonkey.


    If we have 2 completed programs, we will send 1 each suvey to different contacts. Then, we use SurveyMonkey connectors to connect it with Domo and build ETL process to append two datasets into one master dataset.


    What if we have 10 surveys, is there a way that allows to combine all automatically instead of creating 10 individual data points in ETL process manually? 


    To combat this, We were thinking to build only one survey for clients satisfacation. But in the question design, we need to add a ID identify like 'which program did you work with us'. However we don't want other clients to know our exisiting programs. So it ends up with sending different surveys to different programs' contacts.


    LMK! anything is appreciated!





  • emendoza
    emendoza Domo Employee

    What do you mean by "creating 10 individual data poinst in ETL process manually"? As I understand your process, you have two different datasets (Survey Monkey datasets) that you append them together in an ETL so that you can have a single reporting source. What additional data/details are you adding on manually and why? If you walk me through what you're doing I might be able to understand better and then give you a better answer. Let me know!

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