Adobe Analytics Intermediate Custom report type

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I am using 'Intermediate - Custom' report type to bring in data from Adobe Analytics into Domo. However, by default I am getting only 10 rows. I want to get the top 50 rows returned. I am not sure what to enter into the 'Additional Element Information' section. Is there an example as such that I can use as reference.




  • Hey @angelsinha - 


    By default, AA only returns the top 10 parts within the element. The 'Additional Element Information' section is based on JSON, so your query would look somehting like: 




    As a note, the JSON in the 'Additional Element Information' section takes the place of checking the box in the elements list.


    Getting the IDs can be a little tricky and to get the Element ID you'll need the report suite ID:

    • Report Suite IDs can be found in the AA interface. Go to Admin > Report Suites
    • Element IDs can be found with the API explorer GetElements method. Just give it the Report Suite ID

    API explorer is located here


    Hope this helps!


  • Hi @PEAKS_valleys


    Thanks for the reply. 


    Based on the answer, I tried the following JSON request:



    However, it just returns the values for 1 language i.e. ::unspecified::


    I am not sure why it isn't returning the other languages. Am I missing something?  



  • @angelsinha


    Have you tried to just run {"top":50,"id":"language"} to see if it works?


    Is the "name" in your request actually the "classification" ? 


  • @PEAKS_valleys Yes I did try {"top":50,"id":"language"} it still returns '::unspecified::'. However, we are seeing the language values in our Adobe reports.


    I'm not sure if it's a bug.


  • Hey @angelsinha - 


    Have you confirmend via the Adobe API explorer that your report ID is actually called "language"? You may have already done this but just wanted to reiterate. 


    For example there is a report in my suite called 'Audio Support' but the "id" is "mobileaudiosupport". 


    If you use the AA API explorer you can confirm the name of your ID to make sure its correct. 




  • @PEAKS_valleys yes I have confirmed in the API explorer and our reportID is "language"

  • @angelsinha - 


    Ok, great. Appologies if i'm not understanding or maybe it's a difference in Adobe Analytics configurations but what I'm able to do is use my report suite ID located in the Admin section -> Report Suites. In the example below, I'm using the desktop production site ID to get a list of all the elemets assocatied with that report suite ID. Once I find the element ID ("id" in the picture below) that's what i'm using to populate the additional element information section. Let me know if this helps, if not, maybe you can reach out to Domo support as there may be something specific to your AA account that I'm not aware of.