Auto-re-run stuck Dataflows (A cap time-duration to identify faliures )

pramnani Domo Employee

A customer via product feedback, would like to request that Domo add the capability to detect and auto-restart dataflows that stuck in the update process. So I thought I should post it here on behalf of them.

"If a dataflow is taking 10x longer to update than normal, something is wrong. This type of silent failure is particularly problematic.  In our current implementation many dataflows are used for infrastructure and exist well below the UI layer.  It can be an extended period of time before the problem becomes visible."

Piyush Ramnani
Domo Technical Advisor

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  • MichelleH

    This would be a great enhancement. Short of creating an alert for every dataset or downstream dataflow there is not a reliable way to catch this before end users report that something is wrong.