Allow for "Other" category in mega-tables


I would like for there to be the option to define the max number of rows in a mega-table before grouping all others into an "Other" group. This functionality exists on bar charts, just looking for the same thing in tables.

The idea originated because a lot of the time I want to be able to show to top N rows in a table, and then group all others into an "Other" category, and then show the % distribution of the individual N rows and the aggregated "Other" categories that are outside of the top N.

Right now I can limit a table to show only the top N rows, but it's missing the generation of the "Other" category.

My current workaround has just been to use a horizontal bar chart, and then put a label on the bar with that information. This would be really nice to be able to do in a table format though.

David Cunningham

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  • Jones01
    Jones01 Contributor

    @david_cunningham we need this feature. Currently we have a table with top n and then we have a whole new table below just for the "Others". Our clients love tables!