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Hey Community,

We are looking to get some better integration with variables in the office plugins.

Specifically, we are looking at the Powerpoint plugin, and we want to be able to bring in cards and dashboards that have Beast Modes utilizing Variables in the calculations.

Perhaps something like you do for Filters, the ability to change the Variable for the card. It would also be nice to be able to see what the variable is on the slide.

Another idea is to have a global variables page that could control all variables used in the Presentation.

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  • cadellfalconer
    cadellfalconer Domo Product Manager

    Hi @StevenJRowe - Thanks for the submission.

    Adding of variables to the addins is something we've been looking to undertake and do have a tentative plan for. I wanted to check that plan with you and see if it would meet your needs.

    I'm thinking of adding the following two ways to leverage variables with the addins:
    1. When importing a card and the card modal is displayed, where you're able to configure the different settings and filters for that card, add an option for "Add Variable Setting".
    Once clicked you could find the appropriate variable from the list and set it's value.
    This will set the card to use that variable value and will only affect that card.

    2. Under the "Document" > "Document Level Filters" settings, add an option as above to add a variable and it's value that will apply to all cards that leverage it in the document.

    Further to the above two options, when importing a card there is a setting which is "Show Filter Values", we would also add a comparable option for "Show Variable Values". Which when enabled, will show the variable value which is being used by that card.

    Would this address your requirements?

    Cadell Falconer
    Domo - Senior Technical Product Manager
    Ecosystem, Domo Free & Office Addins
  • StevenJRowe

    Hi @cadellfalconer

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Looking at both options and how we're structured, option 2 makes more sense at overall document-level filtering.