Freeze Top Row of Tables


In a heatmap widget and other table widgets, it would be great if there was a way to freeze the top row so that when we scroll down the headers stay at the top. This would be similar to how we're able to view data in the Domo data tables or even how you can freeze header rows in Excel or Google Sheets.

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  • JacobFolsom
    JacobFolsom Domo Employee

    I agree this could be a good enhancement to Heatmap tables specifically, as that doesn't show up in their chart properties.

    My recommendation for an alternative is to use Mega Tables as column names are locked at the top as you scroll. See also Chart properties > Heatmap options in to apply coloring to get colors how you want. Also, in the General > Number of locked columns, one can lock the number of columns to allow a side-scroll. The Header Row settings here are mostly for formatting and height.

    Also, Pivot Table headers are frozen at the top automatically with a couple formatting settings shown in this doc -

    Jacob Folsom
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  • Chris_Taylor

    Super helpful, thanks!