Removing "Back to Home" header white space on subscriber instance


Hi all, I would like to request the removal or redesign of the "Back to Home" position for App Studio in subscriber instance. Currently, it is located at the top header with thick white strip across the page. This is a huge wasted space that do not exist in a normal instance.

As part of our solution architecture, we use Domo Everywhere to embed the subscriber instance as a platform into our customer portal via iFrame, so we already have quite a limited screen real estate for Domo as it is housed within our portal UI. This white space adds to that limitation and is impacting on the overall UI/UX experience for our users.

This is what the white space looks like in a subscriber instance:

And for context, there is no "Back to Home" link or the top header white space for that matter in a normal instance because you click on the Home icon to go back to the main home screen.

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