Domo functionality to compare any time period to any other time period


The idea is to give users the ability to easily compare any entered date range to any other entered date range (with the entered date values persisting across dashboard/app pages in Domo Everywhere embed), and the ask is for Domo to make this functionality native to the platform.

We currently accomplish this via DDX Brick Date Filter, DDX Brick Navigation Bar (to persist the date range values across dashboards) Variable Controls, and hundreds of Beastmodes.

This does work, but is problematic and inefficient for a number of reasons that have been shared in detail with Domo.

Current State Example

Example DDX Brick:

Example card reflecting the applied 'Current' and 'Compare to' values from the brick:

In this example, the Clicks metric has two corresponding Beastmodes:

Clicks (Current)

Clicks (Compare)

The 'Current' values also determine the period that displays when there is not a comparison being made:

Example of Desired Future State:

For example, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama):
Any components that compare one timeframe to another are automatically updated based on the user input. The same is accomplished with platform functionality without the need for custom Bricks/Apps/Variables/etc.

This has all been shared in greater detail with Domo leadership and it was also recommended that we submit this summary as an Idea here.

We have searched Domo Community and see several similar asks and other heavy solutions as workarounds. It looks like this enhancement would benefit many other customers as well. If this is something you'd also like to see in Domo, please upvote.

Thank you 😊

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