DDX Brick


Hi Team, I am using the below code to get the first name of the user on the dashboard card by using DDX Brick App JavaScript. I want to automatically update the Dashboard Name automatically so trying to figure it out the way to achieve this.

const firstName = domo.env.userName.split('+')[0];

const welcome = document.getElementById('welcome');

const dashboards = document.getElementById('dashboards');


//Step 1. Select your dataset(s) from the button in the bottom left corner

welcome.textContent = `Hi ${firstName}, welcome to Domo!`;


//Step 2. Extract the dashboard title from the tooltip element

const tooltipElement = document.querySelector('[role="tooltip"]');

const dashboardTitle = tooltipElement ? tooltipElement.textContent.trim() : 'Unknown'; // If the tooltip element is found, extract its text content, otherwise set it to 'Unknown'


//Step 3. Update the greetings message with the dashboard title

dashboards.textContent = `Dashboard Title: ${dashboardTitle}`;

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