Improved filter interactions

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As of right now the domo filter bar (screenshot below)

allows you to natively filter a date through the menu to the right. Said filter,however, only affects cards within a dashboard and does not affect whatever dimension you are selecting from the bar itself.

In the screenshot you can see a City dimension. That dimension WILL NOT be filtered by the native domo date filter to the right of the bar.

This means that, if i were to select a date range from the native domo date filter, say previous month, and then if i were to click on the city dimension, the cities that would show up on the list WILL NOT be filtered by the previous month date range. Instead, you will end up seeing all the cities within the dataset that dimension comes from.

This is obviously confusing and cannot be disabled/managed in any way.

To make matter worse, if you were to first filter the date range, say previous month, and then click on an actual filter card within a dashboard,say the card in our example filters cities, said card would be filtered. However, if you were to select a city from said card, the name of the city would appear on the top of the bar. If you, however, were to then click on the dimension from the bar, said dimension would end up showing ALL the cities, once again bypassing the date range you previously selected.

This causes entrophy and confusion for the user.

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