DomoStats_Datasets - Centralizing Feedback


I am working on feedback on each of the DomoStats datasets. Please add any additional feedback to the comments.

Dataset Types:
Some datasets in the DomoStats dataset have null Import_Type, Data_Provider, and Source_Type, while Display Processing Type in the Governance dataset has dataset types for these datasets. Of note - Governance has no nulls in this field, while DomoStats has nulls in ALL of the fields that may be used for type.

Dataset Status:

There is no status to indicate that a dataset has been disabled/deactivated. (Previously posted)

The status' in the DomoStats dataset are SUCCESS, ACTIVE, ERROR, and IDLE.
The status' in the data center are OK, Last Run Failed, Disabled, and Needs Attention.
Can we also have the field that has the values from the data center? It will need a different name so that it does not break the work folks have already done with the 'Status' field.

Fields Missing:

The most critical fields which are missing from DomoStats, which are in Governance are:

Row Count
Column Count
DataSet Last Touched Date/Time
DataSet Last Updated Date/Time

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