PDF/PowerPoint exporting - Image

Craig_Lynch Member

Exporting a page/dashboard as PDF or PowerPoint is a great feature to help utilise DOMO content outside of the DOMO platform, however when images are used on a dashboard there are some limitations.

If the image is uploaded directly, or using links where the image is hosted in DOMO, the images are exported fine. However, we have discovered with a recent use case that if an image is linked from a location that requires user authentication, it is not included in the export.

The case has a dashboard that has been set up for multiple areas, and because the different areas report on the same KPI's/measures, filters and PDP are used rather than create 8 different dashboards.

Images are required to be updated on a regular basis, the image is then displayed on the dashboard by linking in a HTML table, utilising the same PDP/Filters to determine which area's image to display.

First attempt was to upload the images directly into DOMO, however the latest image is required, and automating the revisionId of the image has not yet been figured out.

As the images are not able to be hosted on a site that makes them available to the public, the image libraries on our internal SharePoint were created. The link for the files is obtained through the SharePoint connector and combined into a table which then displays on the dashboard.

As mentioned above, the issue comes when trying to export the dashboard. Whilst the authentication seems to pass through allowing people to view the dashboard, the export function does not utilise this and the image section of the dashboard shows as a broken image.

The export function needs to be able to export everything that the user performing the export can see on the dashboard.

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