Data sharing rules


Once data is shared to a group, we currently have the situation where users in that group can share data to individuals. Thereby 'breaking' the concept of having the group. We need a way to stop that from being able to happen. I know current way of working is standard DOMO, but for us (particularly in relation to any datasets that contain PII data) we don't want sharing to be able to happen.

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  • Sean_Tully
    Sean_Tully Contributor

    I think if you create the right PDP policies, you can prevent this type of sharing from happening:

  • user01512
    user01512 Member

    Is possible to do that, but a HUGE overhead based on the vast number of datasets/dashboards/cards we already have. I was thinking a 'view only' option in addition to the current share or edit options would be good.

  • Craig_Lynch

    Agree, this is a required option. Whilst the PDP option is technically doable, it's more of a workaround to address this issue, and as OP says, it's a huge job to not only go back and apply PDP to every single dataset, you would then need a group for every dataset, and someone to manage those groups.

    When sharing a page/dashboard/app, the access should default to "View Only" to prevent this issue. This also should automatically provide view only access to the cards and underlying datasets.

    This View only access should also prevent a user with editor (or any other apart from Admin) access from the Save As/copy options, preventing users from taking copies of pages/dashboards/cards and creating their own versions without knowledge of the data owners. Apart from preventing cards from being uncontrollably copied, which leads to those cards not being maintained correctly, issues with data interpretations by people would also be minimised.