Be able to change the default color of positive and negative values in charts


Hi Community,

We'd like to request the capability of changing/defining the default positive and negative color in "Change value options" in charts like "Multi-value". Currently, the default color for positive value is green and it's red for negative value. However, we'd like to avoid using red and green for potential user groups that are color blind. We'd like to change the default ones to more user-friendly colors. We understand that we can select the drop down for "positive color" and "negative color" and pick other options to adjust the color of that value as well as entering a hex value in the the text box at the bottom of that option screen for more specific colors. However, this involves changing every time and for each card, not to mention if we want a specific color, we will need to pass on that hex value to all creators. Therefore, we believe the option to change the default color would make our cards/dashboards more user-friendly and reaching broader groups but not adding too much work to individuals (and keep our choice of color consistent across different teams).

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