Control for Chart type Change on Dashboard/App


This would be similar to the already existing chart chooser that is available in the detail view of a card. Additionally allowing data consumers to pick and customize their view of the data at the app/dashboard level via controls that would be customized and placed by AppStudio designers.

As a data consumer,

I want to have the ability to change the chart type on the dashboard,
So that I can view data in the format that best suits my understanding and the specific analysis I am conducting. For instance, switching between a bar chart and a line chart can help me better visualize trends over time versus comparative performance at a glance.

As a dashboard/appstudio app designer,

I want to implement controls that allow users to switch chart types on the dashboard,
So that I can cater to diverse user preferences and needs, enhancing user interaction and satisfaction. This flexibility not only makes the dashboard more versatile and user-friendly but also reduces the need for custom versions, simplifying maintenance and updates.

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