What is the problem with my Summary Number? Need Help~


raw data: there are one month's data which shows on each day of the month on each storage location what kind of products are stored. Same day, same storage location may have several rows of data.

I want the distinct count for the field '所在库位'(the Chinese means each storage location's name) to be shown as daily average pallet quantity in Summary Number area by using a convert ratio (pallet/location).

there are 3 types of 所在库位,large size, middle size and small size.

for large size, 1 storage location is equal to 1 pallet

for middle size, 1 storage location is equal to 0.25 pallet

for small size, 1 storage location is equal to 0.067 pallet

I need all the number shown on DOMO card is pallet quantity rather than storage location quantity.

previous design in beast mode: storage location quantity=count( distinct ’库位名称‘), in this way, i will get storage location quantity, but i want storage pallet quantity

current design in beast mode: storage pallet quantity= sum( distinct ’ 托盘库位数折算‘) fixed( by ’库位名称‘)

'托盘库位数折算' the Chinese means the ratio to convert storage location to pallet, that is, 1, or 0.25, or 0.067 as what i say above.

I select storage pallet quantity to Y axis. the DOMO card shows exactly what i want. the figure is totally right.

BUT the problem is at the Summary Number.

previous design in summary number: AVG( 'storage location quantity') fixed (by 'Date'). it works and figure about storage location is right.

current design in summary number: AVG( 'storage pallet quantity') fixed (by 'Date'). this time it doesn't work.

I can't figure out why and failed to get it fixed. anybody know where the problem is and how to fix it?

Thanks for your help!