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Much of my data compares KPIs across 30+ different cities.

When I use city on series, the colors are assigned in the order they are charted. So if I'm charting A-Z, the first in the alphabet gets for instance light blue. If, on another KPI, the default sort is by value high to low, the colors are completely mixed up.

Dataset color rules can be used to set a color for each and every unique city name, but it's cumbersome especially on cards where a different color rule is being set (imagine cities are not on series, but something else is set there and needs rules — the color properties UI just gets longer and longer).

I don't want users to get confused reviewing dashboards and apps because their city color changes from one KPI to the next, but I am avoiding assigning a color via the current chart properties admin. Would LOVE a dataset-level setting to lock colors consistently across cards that doesn't rely on me discreetly assigning a color to each and every city. I'm thinking of this as a column-level toggle (keep colors consistent y/n).

It's probably not a perfect idea, but curious what others think here.

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  • DataMaven

    I LOVE this! I think it comes up a LOT! I know that I have sat there, creating way more color rules than seems reasonable, just so that cards are comparable. It's amazing the difference it makes when you can see that a particular categorization is really big here and really small there, for example, but without rules, that gets all jumbled.

    I think if you could assign and lock those color rules for a field AND copy them to another dataset (specifying field), that would be amazing.

    I do have the caveats streaming through my head, though. lol

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  • RobynLinden
    RobynLinden Contributor

    Yeah I missed the part about copying across datasets - that's really the headache, isn't it?

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